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    STORY Uniphi Studio aspires to broaden humanity’s understanding about our place/function within the world/cosmos by exploring and organizing a collective investigation into consciousness. We envision a decentralized storyverse (cosmic mirror) of next-gen art, experiential NFTs, and ongoing R&D. An emerging network of networks fueled by a thriving community of XR Metanauts: a story and substrate co-created with a collection of tools to navigate the DMT metaverse. ORIGIN Our core team emerged between 2007-2012 on the original DMT: TSM. Deep gratitude for our collaborators who worked to visualize the DMT experience and visionary states. PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE From the research to the book to the cult classic documentary...this molecule brought us together to help tell its story. Research Book Documentary COLLECTIVE Uniphi’s collective operates with a core team, various collaborators, extended networks, and a passionate community. Deep gratitude for our collaborators whose influence, ideas, design, and art comprise this website and overall experience. CORE TEAM Mitch Schultz Creative Director, Founder Yuan Wang Executive Producer Shanta Stevens Executive Producer Nevie Owens Post-Prod Editor Nico Acosta Producer Andrew Lee Producer, Founder Aaron Benevides Web3 Community Developer Taylor Christian Web3 Community Developer COLLABORATIONS Future Sense (dev) ESPD 55 (2022) The Way of the Psychonaut (2020) From Shock to Awe (2018) ESPD 50 (2017) Ayahuasca & Huachuma (2016) A New Understanding (2015) DMTRMX (2012) Origins of Consciousness (2012) FAQ Psy-Phi lab is the convergence of the physical world, evolving virtual realms, passionate communities and decentralized ecosystem, economies for next-gen art and experiential NFTs that emerge from our long-form work; an extension of human experience and cognition. Psy-Phi lab digital space is to explore, gather, exchange, and collaborate.

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    ​Explore the phenomenal worlds of consciousness... OVERVIEW The creators of the documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule ( TSM ) , announce the sequel, and immersive documentary experience. Simultaneously, th e launch of Uniphi Studio - an ecosystem where storytelling, art, science and technology converge. ​ The upcoming documentary ( TCM ) explores consciousness as fundamental and ubiquitous in the Universe. Through the lens of the ineffable DMT experience, the endogenous nature of DMT in humans, and the intersection of new research, we ask: What keys to understanding the nature of reality might this mystifying molecule offer us? DATASPHERE Media Collection of documentary projects, media archives ,and digital collectibles. View > Web3 A media studio with a decentralized systems-approach in organization, production, and storytelling. View > PsyPhi A community organization and governence mechanism for the ecosystem and platform development. View > MARKETPLACE Art Digital / Graphic Art, 3D, Photo View > Apparel Shirts, hats, hoodies, and more... View > Objects Coming soon... View > STORY Origin Rick Strassman's research and book inspired the original DMT: TSM documentary. Our team emerged between 2007-2012 Read More > Collective Uniphi operates with a core team, various collaborators, extended networks, and a passionate community. Read More > FAQ Dive deeper down the rabbit hole. Everything you need to know about who / what / why / where and how we are. Read More > COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER Join our Newsletter for the latest news, project updates, member incentives, early access to drops, and more. Email Subscribe > Thanks for subscribing!

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