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TSM Visionary

Our Genesis NFT drop is composed of foundational transmissions from notable psychonauts and visionaries interviewed for the original documentary. The drop acknowledges the giants upon whose shoulders we stand.

Each Transmission is a clip from the The Spirit Molecule archives, and captures a poignant thought or insight. From the cultural impacts of DMT to its profound impacts on consciousness.

As the project develops, exciting interactive elements will allow members of the community to engage with their own content and fellow members’ story assets.

Genesis Visionary Mint (1200 NFTs specifying mechanics, price, amount, etc.)

Phase I (200 @ .4 ETH, flat)
Upon minting the community benefits imbued into these transmissions includes:
Curated selection of premium clips from Collection
Members-only behind the scenes livestream
Collaboration in our decentralized studio dev
TCM Pre-release sneak peek streaming
Preferential access to our future ecosystem
Admission tickets (2) to TCM premiere
Lifetime access to our IRL events
Access to our private events
50% off from our online store
Name listed in TCM doc credits

Phase IA (1111 @ .3 ETH, auction)

Numbers Within

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