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The Conscious Molecule

//2024 Documentary Premiere

In 2010, visionary and award-winning director Mitch Schulz documentary 'The Spirit Molecule' catapulted interest in the mysterious psychoactive DMT and captivated popular culture with the phenomenology of psychedelia. More than a decade since its emergence, 'The Conscious Molecule' explores how DMT, regarded by many as a key for unlocking the 'seat of consciousness',  has affected the evolution of individuals, society, and the world at large.

Combining exclusive interviews with world-renown researchers, scientists, artists, sociologists and cultural anthropologists, 'The Conscious Molecule' explores the sociological impacts (as well as unintended consequences) that DMT and psychedelic culture itself has had in cultivating consciousness and innovating solutions for our rapidly changing digital age...  


Ancient Future Wisdom

Exploring the long term trajectory of human consciousness, from its earliest conceptions to modern day digital integration and applications, for the furthering of community-based, holistic, world view in the positive evolution of humanity

Benefits for Kickstarter Supporters include 


VIP Event Access

Access to exclusive livestreams on the project’s status and invites to special events

Backstage Pass 

Behind the scenes footage of exclusive interviews from The Spirit Molecule and The Conscious Molecule

Unreleased Content

Hundreds of hours of unreleased content and footage from the UniPhi Studios archives 

Join the Consciousness Revolution!

The Conscious Molecule invites you to explore and participate with the Universal mind, encoded and embossed with information, from micro to the macro -- how a molecule connects biology and quantum entanglement. We aim to tell the entire story arc during our 30-day campaign with limited edition art and storyboards.

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